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Our Latest Reviews

Maryg1812 about 14 hours ago

BBQ Chopped Brisket

Delicious sandwich and side of corn!

Zettaguinan about 16 hours ago

Rodeo Pulled Pork

Had this sandwich for lunch today.. delicious.. also tried the corn and cheese curds..everything was delightful.

Davidearle91 about 19 hours ago

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork

Everything I had was absolutely delicious! One of the best pulled pork sandwiches I've ever had. The bun was fluffy and fresh and the meat was very flavorful. My side salad was very fresh and the baked beans were very tasty. My favorite part, however, was the bite or two that I had of my friends outlaw baked potato. It was impressively large and tasted out of this world! Yum! I will definitely return.

Bettybeagettyspaghetti 9 days ago

Cowboy Potato

These portions are huge and super affordable. The staff is beyond amazing. Very sweet and caring people who make some amazing food. Thank you so much!

Kamijohn166 11 days ago

BBQ Chopped Brisket

The dish is very good i love the taste of the dish perfectly cocked and fresh dish

Kamijohn166 12 days ago

Armadillo Plate

the dish is very owesome the taste is good and enjoy my food

Kschiffhauer 14 days ago

Fried Green Tomato

Best fried green tomatoes I've ever had

Khorswe 24 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

I loved Outlaw Potato Shack!!! Delicious food for extremely reasonable prices and their location in Greece is so convenient! I've been 3 times and no matter what I get it's consistently awesome!

Trish14829 25 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

the biggest potato I've ever seen. The pulled pork on top was delicious. Comes with more cheese than you'll know what to do with!

Lmv3681 25 days ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

This is the BEST loaded baked potato you'll ever have!! Loaded with pulled pork, cheese, bacon, sour cream...definitely enough for 2 ppl. My husband and I get one at least once a month. It's a must try! The fried cheese curds with brown gravy is also a tasty little treat!

Brooksbrian13 26 days ago

Cattle Drive - 2 Meat

They have great bbq and meat is tender and worth the trip.i had pulled pork and chicken it was amazing.

Glomaglio 27 days ago

Cattle Drive - 2 Meat

Our meal was delicious. We enjoyed the atmosphere, hospitality, and service A generous amount of delicious food. The best part is that we were able to share our meal and sample food for our next visit Thanks fir the good time

Kellitudisco 28 days ago

BBQ Pulled Chicken

Best in roc

Lisalandry64 29 days ago

Aunt Carla's Broc and Cheese Casserole *

Aunt Carla Brock and cheese is awesome big chunks of broccoli and creamy cheese cooked perfect. Get to try it .

Hollowstateboy about 1 month ago

Smoked Beef Brisket

Drive 3 hours from Toronto, Canada for this place. Wish I was closer. Definitely the best BBQ place in Rochester or Buffalo for that matter. Nice selection of regular sides (baked beans my favourite)with option of upgrade to premium sides--Fried green tomatoes, broccoli rice cheese casserole (my favourites) Good location with easy parking. You must try if you like BBQ. You won't be disappointed.

Hollowstateboy about 1 month ago

Family Meal Deal

A pound of smoked brisket and a full rack of ribs. This is the BEST BBQ in Rochester. More smoke flavour than the other places. Most tender brisket and ribs. The best dry rub. If you've tried the others, you HAVE to try here. I've been going since august 2017 after stumbling onto finding them on the web. BONUS the two soups they offer (help yourself). For me it really pushes this place to a higher level. No bull, no pretends, no hype; just great BBQ

Jwright6383 about 1 month ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

Sooo freakin delicious. The pulled pork on top just sets it off. Being from the south were great bbq is a must for us i wasn't sure what to expect but i was far from disappointed in taste, not to mention the portions they give you is well worth the money spent. I've never had a meal i was able to eat two full portions and a third smaller portion. And the ribs don't even get me started i would be all day talking about the tender meat well seasoned great sauce. Ok my mouth is watering now.... Wonder if i can make it in before they close

Patricialoper1 about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

Love it every time. It's huge!

Winkler Erika about 1 month ago

Smoked Turkey Breast

I had the smoked turkey breast sandwich and it was phenomenal. I have driven cross country and had "real" bbq in Missouri, Texas , and most place in between and this competes with the best of them. The pieces of turkey were huge and there were at least 5 on my sandwich. the crust was awesome and the meat just falls apart in your mouth. There was no fat or chewy pieces. Price was decent for all the food I got. Free soup was a nice extra. This is my new favorite spot to eat.

Santaland48 about 1 month ago


PJSMANSION - amazing tasty fall of the bone ribs along with tastey mac salad,brown beans & coleslaw. The corn butter muffins are just indescrible. We've order 4 times since our 1st order 2 week ago!

Candace382003 about 16 hours ago

Smoked Beef Brisket

My lunch was great! Loved the Mac n cheese also!

Jmgw20 about 16 hours ago

Rodeo Pulled Pork

Loved the sandwich.

Jw123gt 4 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

There is something so good about a very large baked potato stacked with butter, sour cream, chives, cheese, and a big scoop of pulled pork. Always one of my favorites, and the biggest reason (aside from the Monster Outlaw), I keep coming back. Add a side of blaz'n corn and put that on top to finish it off -- if you dare.

Kamijohn166 11 days ago

Cowgirl Potato

Best dish i ever taste This is the best dish the dish is fresh

Kamijohn166 11 days ago

Aunt Carla's Broc and Cheese Casserole *

This is very good taste is fine i am just love it

Jsherron 12 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The is the best BBQ place in the Rochester area!

Jmathis14526 15 days ago


The smokiness of these ribs. They were excellent.

Cmq64 24 days ago

Armadillo Plate

Absolutely delicious! Ribs are perfectly seasoned. The potato is my favorite with the pulled pork piled high, the melted cheese and sour cream compliment it perfectly. This was enough to feed at least 3 people.

Bivowack90210 25 days ago

Chicken Fried Steak

I am a big chicken fried steak fan all the way from Austin Texas here with family looking for barbecue close to the colleges and staying close to restaurant man i thought I was back home everything was stunning delicious from the ribs to the potatoes great down home feel very good will be back next time just retired here in Rochester kids are here don't know why I am but I think I found a reason to stay good food tks

Scott 26 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The greatest potato ever. Whenever my wife says we should get some potato's for dinner I am out the door before she can finish the sentence. I have tried the potato with all the meat choices. My preference is pulled pork. The pork is awesome. For the price, one of the best dishes in Monroe County. Whoever came up with the outlaw potato is a genius.

Amber.Burrows.18 26 days ago

Cowgirl Potato


Dssjr1957 28 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

We went to the new location in Henrietta. My outlaw potato was off the hook. But the best thing I had was the rib meat beans soup! That stuff is the best tasting stuff I've ever had thanks For the great barbecue thanks Texas barbecue rib joint

Lisalandry64 29 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

Everything I have had there has been excellent . The outlaw potatoe is the best

Karenmarie71 29 days ago

Moose's Mac and Cheese

Both my husband & I loved this mac n' cheese.

Hollowstateboy about 1 month ago

Sitti's Baked Beans *

Love these beans! These baked beans top the other two BBQ places. A great portion and seasoned right. Not too sweet (tasty) with pork (bacon)and a bit of smoke. This time around I had to get extra to bring home.

Pugngoat about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The potato was HUGE and LOADED. Honestly, it is enough for three people (or great as a leftover the next day). I had this with ribs....and it was heaven. We climbed off of our canalboat to give this place a try and our group of six adults unanimously agreed this is the best barbecue place we've ever been to.

Ajlmb1 about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

This IS the goto meal here! This potato has it all between the flavor and the size it really is criminal. Pro Tip when ordering ask for it to be put in a to-go container ahead of time for two reasons, one to keep it closed for a bit to let all that great cheese to melt onto the potato and two it's hard to finish it all in one sitting so save yourself from having to pack it up at the end of the meal :)

Perez.Selena0524 about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

They food here is amazing! The outlaw potato was so big I had it for 2 meals. Their Mac and cheese is delicious, it's very cheesy and creamy. The corn bread is to die for, I love it! Great place, great atmosphere. Would definitely recommend.

Tyler.Seeloff about 1 month ago

Cattle Drive - 2 Meat

Stopped in for a quick meal while padsing through. Deliciously tender. Looking forward to headed that way again

Mikekim1007 about 1 month ago

Rodeo Pulled Pork

Was the awesomest i ever had!!! My mouth is watering just think of it. You guys do a great job!!!!