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Aisner 8 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

If you haven't tried this it's a must!!!! Taste of Texas on every bite!! My parents who are Texas natives HAVE to get Texas Bar-B-Q Joint every time they visit. My dad raves about this BBQ!! If you haven't tried it YOUR MISSING OUT!!

Melrose3301 17 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The outlaw potato, potato soup, ribs, potato salad was fantastic. The owner, Ms. Tina is so friendly and personable and interacts with her customers and ensures that your overall experience is excellent. If you love good bbq then you must go to Texas BBQ joint!

Petemonsees 19 days ago

Spurred Beef Brisket

Order up anything on this menu which includes the Beef Brisket and you will not be disappointed. It truly is the best around......slow cooked and so tender.

Howard 19 days ago

Richard's Side Salad *

A healthy option loaded with fresh greens and many toppings at a fair and reasonable price.Served up by friendly people in a clean and bright atmosphere.

Nwaogwuc 20 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

Amazing food, amazing potato

Mrsbrush 20 days ago

Family Meal Deal

We always purchase the Family Meal Deal, as it gives us alittle bit of everything and we always have left overs for the next day! We get beef brisket alot, which is awesome and baked beans which are the best around!! And, of course ribs!!!

Mybabyebony 25 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

I'M STILL STUFFED!!! I ordered the Famous Outlaw Potato 3 days ago because I was starving and needed something hardy to keep me going the rest of the day. And this did just the trick. The potato itself was monstrous, the pork was so juicy and tender and piled sky high. It took me 2 DAYS to eat the entire thing. 2 meals for less than $9! I'm going back again!

Andreaminurka about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

We recommend The Outlaw Potato- the biggest baked potato I have ever seen in my entire life served with all the fixins' ! Delicious!

Shelbyraehewitt about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

PHENOMENAL. Every. Single. Time.

Meghan about 1 month ago

Black Bean Veggie Burger

I really liked this veggie burger! It wasn't soggy or gritty. It was exactly what you would expect. I really appreciated the abundance of veggie friendly items.

Bjc2111 about 1 month ago

Slow Smoked Pulled Pork

The pulled pork was delicious! Would definitely order it again!

Kate49351 about 1 month ago

Wrangler - 1 Meat

Was at the Spencerport location tonight with the family. Food was great!! I had the pulled chicken, onion petals and mashed potatoes. Great service as always.

Guest about 1 month ago

Bacon Wrapped Pork Chop

Everything is bigger in Texas, but not at Texas BBQ. I fully expected a "huge" pork chop based on a previous review. It was not. It was oval shaped and approximately 2" x 3", about 1 1/2" thick. Far from huge. However, it was very tasty, like everything else I have had from Texas BBQ Joint. The seasoning was fantastic. I just wish it was bigger...much bigger.

Olopatofsky about 2 months ago

Smoked Beef Brisket

I spent a summer in Texas and tried a lot of BBQ and this Brisket comes pretty close to Texas authenticity in regard to both flavor and tenderness. Truly delicious! Also can't beat the rich creamy coleslaw and free soup at this location!

Guest about 2 months ago

Moose's Mac and Cheese

The macaroni and cheese was the best that I have ever had from a restaurant. Oh so good!

Deannedicarlo about 2 months ago

Moose's Mac and Cheese

Creamy mac and cheese. Just the way I like it.

Deannedicarlo about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

This was a delicious meal for 2 days! I also tried the mac and cheese. It was also delicious. We will definitely be returning to try more options.

Rochesterspectrum about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

I love coming here. What could I say, "G ood Eating!" Thank you for all you do, your hard work makes me feel better.

Christinahouseman714 16 days ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

Monster Outlaw Potato...the name says it all. They cater to every member of the family, we all LOVE it here. Delicious options, lots of food, and a great atmosphere and staff. Thank you for being so good!!!

Scooter32young 18 days ago

Cattle Drive - 2 Meat

I'm already full and there is still more food! Best BBQ in Rochester without a doubt.

Moore 19 days ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

It's hard to pick one option when it comes to a favorite meal! You definitely can't go wrong with the Outlaw Potato! Best bang for your buck. You won't leave hungry!!

Howard 19 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

Delicious, big enough for 2 to share , loaded with toppings served in a clean , bright friendly atmosphere,what more can you ask for plus a free cup of excellent soup. Will be back soon

Jacksmith2884 20 days ago

Big Salad

We ordered the Big salad with meat. It is huge and better than most salads I have gotten out at restaurants. I like it with the Smoked Turkey. it is super flavorful and meat has a good smoke. Don't be afraid of the pink coloring on the turkey. That is normal for smoke poultry. Would definitely recommend this, especially for a summer meal.

Tandj 24 days ago

Moose's Mac and Cheese

So creamy, tasty and very filling.

Dawnlaforce 26 days ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The best baked potato I have ever had. The pulled pork on top was so tender and delicious. The size was huge and I had left overs for lunch the next day. I totally recommend coming here and trying one!

Emthva22 about 1 month ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

The best ever!!!! More than enough for 2 people to share!!!

Zonikquianelson about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

Always friendly customer service great portions very cheap prices recommended this restaurant to all my friends and family

Sfcdrs31 about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

My first (and not last) visit to the RIT location was delicious! My husband and I tried the pulled chicken, ribs and the outlaw potato. By far, we could've just split the potato and been more than satisfied! The complimentary soup was a nice surprise! This is now our go-to place for a hearty dose of BBQ!

Shaynbrian about 1 month ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The biggest potato ever! Covered in cheese, pulled pork, bacon and sour cream! It was enough for dinner and lunch for tomorrow! Very delicious!

Laurflood2003 about 1 month ago

Monster Outlaw Potato

Delicious and an inexpensive dinner for 2 people for At Least 2 nights!

Vickeya about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

The enormous potatoes are one pound before you ever add a single thing! They are loaded with flavor and are a meat-and-potato lovers dream. I prefer the pulled chicken, although the pork and beef are also tasty. I always order extra sauce so I don't have to be modest in my use of it. One feeds me for 2-4 meals, depending upon my activity level. Their cornbread is also delightful! Moist and sweet, but not overly so. If I go to the main location in Spencerport, I order the three meat platter with their most excellent smoked turkey and two other choices, and I pick their hush puppies as one of the sides. They are the best hush puppies this former southerner has found the region. The barbecue is authentic.

Guest about 2 months ago

Corn Bread Muffins

Oh so good!!

Terabytecomputer about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

While the one pound potato was not fully cooked and soft, enough of it was too fill me up. And the smoked pulled pork on it was delicious. I also had a taste of my wife's smoked 1/2 chicken, which was also delicious. She said the Mac and cheese was the best she's ever had from a restaurant. I hope to go again some day soon.

Deannedicarlo about 2 months ago

Tewks' Blazin' Corn *

This was very good. Not to spicy, just the right amount of kick.

Dawnlboyce about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

OMGuh! We haven't had this in awhile and we regret not getting it more often because it's AMAAAZING! Even reheated (cuz it's ginormous!) it's so delicious! And don't even get me started on how 'MMMMMMMM!!!' the corn bread and cheddar broccoli rice side is!!!! Seriously-everything even reheated was spectacular!

Bthandel about 2 months ago

Famous Outlaw Potato

my go to item.tryed it with the pulled pork and chicken. never a dissapointment.hard to eat it all in one sitting


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