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The Mogab's are happy to serve you.  Please contact us if you ever have any questions or concerns.

Tina Mogab and Richard Mogab

About Us:

We are native to Rochester but moved to Houston, TX in 1977, Moose was only 3 months old.  Richard Mogab a plumber and Tina Mogab a realtor always had large BBQ parties in Texas, and with their 4 kids talked about opening a BBQ restaurant in NY.  This was a common dinner time joke.  Moose moved to NY after graduating from Texas A&M University in 2000. 

In 2004, Moose Mogab started a BBQ catering business out of his house in Spencerport, doing events and catering for friends and family.  In 2007 Richard and Tina moved back to NY and opened Taste of Texas Bar-B-Q, Inc. in Spencerport with Moose.  We changed the name to Texas Bar-B-Q Joint in 2010, because a steak house in Houston has the name Taste of Texas trademarked. 

We now have 3 locations in the Rochester, NY area, Spencerport, Greece and Henrietta @ RIT.

We work hard to provide customers with great food and if you are ever unsatisfied we want to know.

Richard Mogab, Tina Mogab and Richard Mogab Jr., Owners at Texas Bar-B-Q Joint

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